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      isabel yang


      We just moved into our house which is quite old (1958) and we just noticed that when we turn the hot water on, it comes out a slight brown tinge. The cold water is perfect, it’s just the hot water like that and continues even after its been on for ages.

      I’ve been told that usually this is caused from rust within the Hot Water System, especially if it’s old. I did check the HWS and it was infact manufacturered in 1993 so I believe this is quite old right?

      Based on the above information, would you guys think the above is right and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the HWS which I need to replace with a new one?

      Also, as it’ll be a rental property soon, I’m thinking of buying a 2nd hand 315ltr Rheem HWS which has only just been disconnected 7 days and will probably have been disconnected say 2-3 weeks before it’s re-installed. I’ve been told that normally disconnected units can present issues as the seals dry up or something but that if it’s only 2-3 weeks, then it should still be ok……Is this on the money???


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      If its goig to be a rental wait till then and replace it then you get the tax breaks.

      If its running brown the whole time the tap is on then yes, good chance its the tank. But if the hot runs clean after a while then concidering its an old house, good chance there is galvanised pipe running to the hot water system and that should be looked at first as its a lot cheaper option.


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      Fantastic Bungie, thanks for your input :)

      Yes it continuosly runs dirty on Hot only so I think it is the tank.

      I’ve just bought a cheap replacement for $250 which is 5 years old and was disconnected last week so I’m hoping that will do the trick hopefully.

      Thanks again!

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