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      I have a 4 year old house that uses approx 150 gals of water daily. I began having intermittent problems last year with effluent coming out the end of the last field. I have 4- 50 foot infiltrator fields. my soil is clay. What I noticed was that the discharge was heavyest when my wife drained 50 gal clawfoot tub. I have speed leveler at 12 oclock on that field. After checking with USGS I found a monitoring well of theres near me and our water table has consistently been up 3 feet higher than when perk test was done, we are now 7 inches from a monthly record for water table height. I am looking at 2 options and am looking for imput as to pros and cons as well as any prior experiences.

      Option 1 install a curtain drain along the back and far side and run it to an existing culvert if I can maintain the pitch needed.

      option 2 install a second field behind house for grey water from bathroom sinks tubs and washing machine. If I use this option should I put in another infiltrator system or go to stone and pipe?

      Any comments are appreciated

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