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      louis angel

      I’ve been having some water pressure issues with my kitchen sink, so after contacting Kohler I was told that I needed to replace a part that resides in the body of the faucet. The part was sent to me, and now I’m at a loss as to how to open up the faucet. In the guide sent with the part, it shows how to disassemble the whole thing, but it fails to mention how to remove the plug button at the top of the faucet handle, which stands between me and the screw that holds the top of the faucet together. I tried prying the plug button off with a screwdriver and a knife, but it’s wedged in tightly, with pretty much nothing sticking out above the metal surface of the faucet handle. I have no idea how they expect me to remove it. If someone could explain to me how to remove the plug button, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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      Is there any way to grab it with a pliers…with the intention of destroying it to get it out? You don’t have many choices at this point.

      Sounds like someone didn’t use grease on the fitting which is preventing it from coming out.

      Kohler is notorious for machining their components razor close. This in turn makes it very difficult if something is crustated or calcified into place.

      You might want to take some WD40 or other product to see if that might free up the cap.

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