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      John Crawford

      G day blokes,vik the turd herder here from Adelaide South Australia…

      Ive have a Marco 8000 powerfeed drain cleaner that is gettin a bit long in the tooth,the alloy drum has worn away where it goes over the the little bearing spindle…

      I’m sure I aint the only one out here with that problem.

      New drum is $600.00…bugger that,when all it needs is a sleeve shoved in it…

      You jokers know of any such kit Reece bloke said some mob here in Adelaide used to do it,but he dont know who… or doesn’t wanna know…funny that…!!!

      So if ya know what I’m on about…

      vik…Give us a shout…


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      Rigid 300 is the way to go call me at 1-978-821-0651, and ask for andrewshalinplumbing2009-06-30 14:29:09

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