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      Kevin Childs


      We are in the process of buying a manufactured home that was built in 1996. It has never been moved, except when installed at the current location (we would not move it either).

      After looking around, I see it has poly plumbing with copper crimps. It is on well water with a water softner.

      Should I get it replaced? There is no sign of leaks anywhere. There is a slight buildup of white/blue minerals at the water heater where the poly connects, but that is all I can find. Ive been told if your on well water, poly pipes are fine since chlorine is the main culprit for poly failing.

      Ive been reading around and says a complete renovation of the existing poly pipes require cutting into the walls. Is this true on a manufacted home that has a decent size crawl space?

      Thanks for any help, I am completely new to this stuff!

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      The piping you are describing has had many problems across the United States but depending on what state you live in and how much chlorine is being ran through your system greatly determines what might be either a good move or a preventative one in keeping problems from creeping up down the road.

      I know of someone who lives in Idaho that has absolutely no problems with that piping, same as someone who has it down in Florida, but ask someone in Texas and the rest of the states of how many millions of dollars it has cost homeowners…it changes the school of thinking real quick.

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