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      Fine Sand from well entered hot water system used for underfloor heating system heated with household hot water tank – prior to installation of filter between well & tank.

      Attempts to clear by draining/flushing tank & lines unsuccessful to date (any suggestions?)

      Want to put a filter in the line from the hot water tank to prevent sand from getting into tubs, dish washer etc.

      Filter systems I have looked at have specs that state they are not to be used for temps > 100 degrees (? related to concern over bacterial build-up in warm water sitting in the filter chamber)

      Any suggestions gratefully received!



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      Best option I can figure from your description would be to disconnect the underfloor piping so that you end up with two open ends, then connect a hose to one of the ends and “force” the sand out of the system with pressurised water – sometimes with care a compressor can acheive the same result but in both cases be careful as a split or leaking fitting could be the result.

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