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      Sonya Dianne Winzar

      Can anyone suggest a solution for my problem, or has anyone else encountered something similar…..

      I have underfloor heating (pipes set into concrete screed) on the ground floor of my house. It is a newly built house – about 6 years old. Since the autumn the heating has not been working effectively – it is just not as warm as it used to be. I haven’t changed the temperature or the amount of time the heat is on. I had the boiler serviced before Christmas by the plumber who installed the system, and he cecked the system and said there was no particular problem he could see. The performance has not improved. The termostat is set at about 24 degrees but the temperature of the room is only about 13/14 degrees. So it is not broken down but not working as it used to. Any ideas please?

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      Just a quick thought on your problem – have you had the room thermostat and the circulating water thermostats tested to ensure they are accurate – it is possible you may have a fault which will give incorrect readings on temps required for heating. I don’t know if you are in a “Hard water” area but your system should contain a formular similar to glyco to ensure the water does not go stale and keep the recirculating section clean. Also check that the circulating pump itself is actually turned on and is working – these pumps can often sound like they are running when in fact the impeller is loose on the shaft and just sitting there while the motor runs.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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