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      Al Vanden Heuvel

      I am remodeling a bathroom in an older home. I have a cast bend with lead sleeve and Brass Flange. Plumbing supply house sold me a new lead sleave. Questions:

      1. Old lead sleeve is in o.k. condition, do I have to remove it or can I leave it in and go over it witht he new sleeve?

      2. I have oakum, can I just wrop the new sleeve with the oakum and pound it into cast for a tight fit.

      3. Do I need heat and do I need to use Irons? If I do where can I get info in the proper proceedure?

      4. I am assuming the brass ring goes on top of the lead sleeve’s lip (between the lead sleeve and the wax ring)?

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      You could try to fit the lead sleeve to the pipes that are in place. We did this in the old days when DWV was all hub and spigot, lead bends, and oakum/poured lead joints. It was (and remains) labor intensive to do it this way. Why bother? Today we have no-hub fittings of various types (including Fernco), various pipe options (including plastic). I’m sure you will be able to figure out an easy way to use these new materials and fittings to create a connection that functions every bit as well as the older lead based connections, and is much easier to do.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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