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      Gabriella Rubino

      I have a shallow well and my pipe froze between the pump and the tank yesterday night, I thawed it out and got good water pressure for a few seconds then pressure went low and the pump would not stop running…

      The tank will not fill on it’s own, it will only fill up when I take air out of the diaphragm but it does not build up enough pressure to reach the cut-out point and pressure still seems low in the house, with the tank full of water I can bring the pressure up by adding air to the tank and then it hits the cut-out point and shuts the pump off. After the system reaches the cut-out point it maintains that pressure and the tank remains full until I use the water in the house, so I am pretty sure my pipes are good, but after I use enough water to bring the pressure to the cut-in point, the system does not refill the tank and the pump continues to run because the cut-out point is not reached.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Well I am no plumber but it looks to me like the pump wont produce more then 25 psi… Is this a likely scenario? I lowered the cut-out from 32 to about 24 psi. and the system works but I notice a difference in pressure in the kitchen mostly because of the psi drop, ideally I would like the have more pressure then I did before.

      Should I replace the pump at this point or could there be something else wrong???


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      nobody cares *sniff*

      fine, I’ll replace the pump then.

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      For anyone else who has this problem I have fixed it, but first I would like to thank everyone who helped me on my path to restoring my water.

      It turns out there was so much sediment built up in the pump that it was restricting the for of water. I replaced the pump for 200 dollars and the water is flowing better then before.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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