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      Todd Huber

      I am planning to build a 3 bedroom house in North Carolina with an additional building for a workshop. The property has been approved for 4 bedrooms.

      I would like to put a 3/4 bath in the workshop building and tie this into the main septic system.

      My questions:

      1. Can I tie the workshop bathroom waste line into the single septic system?

      2. Where should I tie it in?

      The distance from the bathroom in the workshop to the point at which the waste line leaves the house is approximately 110 feet. The workshop ground level is slightly higher elevation than the house’s, however the house is crawlspace construction (elevating the house 2-3 feet above ground level) while the workshop will be slab foundation (virtually at ground level).

      If I tie in inside the house crawl space then I’m concerned about the elevation difference as the house waste line might be higher elevation than the incoming workshop waste line. A ‘Y’ just before the septic tank seems to be the best place to tie in. Is this acceptable practice?

      Thanks in advance,


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