Drain field failed only 2 years, new construction.

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      Nick Pitirri


      My system consists of two 1000 gallon tanks and a 600 square foot drain field, ground is nothing but sand around the house. This is a new construction with 4 people in the house, 1 of which was gone for 6 months and 1 in diapers for a year and a half.

      Had installer come look at system and he had no idea why drain field failed, water coming up through the ground. When metal probe was pulled out of ground, water followed.

      We do not use liquid laundry faberic sofener, no water softener, no garbage disposale, no bathroom in basement.

      No large bath tubs of water and I take my shower at work.

      Laundary consists of 2-3 loads, 2-3 times a week.

      Health department inspector took boring about 4 feet deep and 6 inches next to field with no evidence of a layer of top soil under bed. Boring had nothing but sand and it was not saturated with water. Another boring in middle of field 10 inches deep showed top soil about two inches deep and stone was black with standing water in field. Health inspector had no clue why drain field failed.

      Seasonal water table 62 inches, water table 84 inches and soil type meaduim sand.

      The installer of the new drain field could only sujest it was the laundry as the stone was black. I am going to have a 900 square foot drain field installed with a divert valve back to the old field for later use.

      Hope someone can give me some ideas as to why my system failed.

      Thank you in advance for your time with this matter.


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