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      Max Endhy

      I disconnected the two flexible inlet pipes after turning off both stop cocks to lift the sink for changes to laminex. On re-assembly the flow for both hot and cold water is only about 25% of usual flow. The hot stop cock needed significant pressure to turn off fully and both fittings on the flexible pipes required significant pressure to prevent drips. Both were very tight when initially disconnected. Any ideas on why the flow is reduced. John

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      Check the airator on the outlet of the faucet there is a removable washer on the very end and behind it is a filter device along with a airator to direct the flow of water rather than letting it splatter everywhere. The chances are you have got some muck of some kind from a jonting compound through the mixer and it is stuck on the outlet filter/airator, simple remove and clean it – hope this helps

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      Thanks for your suggestion. 100% correct. Blocking material looked like mustard seed. Filter cleaned and now, as new. I appreciate your assistance. Regards John

Viewing 2 reply threads
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