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      Effie Criticou


      Yesterday, I relocated all of my water equipment (Well Pressure Tank, Nuetralizer, Softerner and Brine Tank) from one corner of my basement to the opposite end.

      I have plenty of pressure at the tank (28/48) and great flow from the release valve on the tank “tee”. I think I must have kicked loose a bunch of sediment, because when I turned on the water, all of my cold water faucets (tubs, showers, sinks, toilets) all clogged up with an orange-ish granular substance. I was able to clear the laundry basin faucet by turning the well on and off several time which blew the clog out of the faucet. I was able to clear one tub on the 2nd floor the same way. Everything else is clogged almost completely, with water just trickling out of the sinks, and nothing running in the toilets.

      I am looking for some advice on how to clear the remaining faucets and toilets, and also confirmation of my suspicion that this is just sediment that was kicked up (likely from the pressure tank) and not some other problem.

      Thank you!


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      The “Orange” sediment would make me think that you have somehow gotten the resin from the water softener into the water lines possibly by not setting it up again properly after you shifted it – check the level of resin in your water softener tank and see if you have lost some. If this is the cause of your problem then there is no simple way but to flush it or drain it out by maybe even going to the extent of having to remove fittings to allow the clearance.

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      That is what happened. Stupid, bonehead mistake after 12 hours of working on it. Now I have a whole new list of things to spend my evenings and Saturday on this week.

      Thanks for your help!

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