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      I live in single story ranch home. Have always had good water pressure maybe to good as moen has went me about 4 FREE mind you water valves for kitchen and have probably replace all faulcets and outside spcikets in last 20 years probably twice. Anyway city sent out letter telling they was upping water pressure in area by 25 to 40psi and if you did not have pressure reduction valve to get one by Sept.30. Did not think I had one(and did not) and since the kitchen valve are no problem to replace, figured is was worth having the good pressure. Well before spending $60. on PRV got $6. gadget to check water 140 psi at both ends of house. It is nice for washing cars and taking showers but is it way high and if it goes to 180 will this be a big problem. What should high end of psi be for residentual use. And what is the range on the PRV

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      80 psi is generally the max you want on residential uses. Anything above that risks damaging various fixture parts.

      A PRV valve runs about $300 and would be wise to install.

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      crawl back under house and after uncovering some insulation found the prv valve. tried to adjust in and out on the screw that the guy at lowes said was a adjustment, but did not change stayed between 140 and 155 psi, the valve was rated at 300 psi max on the tag.I guess the valve is bad. noticed water dripping from water release valve pipe off the water heater. maybe from to much pressure?blw2008-09-05 06:03:16

Viewing 2 reply threads
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