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      Joe Graziano

      Help! The basement flooded a little yesterday and the water heater went out. The A.O. Moore Promaster water heater pilot light is out and won’t reignite. The unit is 1 year old. Am I having trouble because it might have gotten wet? What should I do?


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      If the pilot assembly was under water then yes your problem is a direct result of water ingress into the assembly. It will need to be disasembled, cleaned and dried out again before it will work – a job for an experienced gas person I beleive.

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      Thanks for your reply. The whole pilot would not have been underwater but the bottom of the water heater would have been wet. Do you think this won’t dry out by itself?

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      Yes it will dry out by itself providing the actual pilot burner and jest were not under water which, if they were they would have to be disassembled, cleaned out and dried to get them to work again.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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