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      Jim Wagner

      hello all, i am wondering what are the legality’s of working as a self employed plumber when you are a 4th year apprentice. if you are only doing jobbing work and not new houses or any new work, going through council. are you doing anything illegal?

      cheers, jonno

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      A question better dirrected to your Registration Board as there are differences between your Country and mine.

      I would look to the Acts and Regulations for guidance on this matter as their is the problem of “Supervision” and overall “resposibility” to consider, as well as the Insurance Liability and your current laws to comply with.

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      In the state of Virginia it is against the law for many reasons.

      1. You must have liability insurance.

      2. You must carry workmens comp insurance.

      3. You may not do any jobs that exceed $999.99.

      No way around the $999.99 law. Cannot break a contract up into two parts. But lets get to the legist of it. Lets say you do work at a customers home. Everything is fine for a few weeks. All of a sudden the house flood at no fault of your own, let’s just say it was a manufacturer’s defect. Well that customer is coming for you regardless. Do you have insurance to cover the damage this person has in their home? Then comes the fun part. You get arrested for working as a unlicensed tradesmen. Then you get the fun part of going in front of the Regulations Board and hoping to god they let you at one point in your life get your masters license, which is very slim. My suggestion. Get your masters! Then get legal.PLMBWizardz2008-08-01 10:49:54

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