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      Howard Baden

      My sump pump goes off all the time. It goes off every 2 minutes and stays on for 20 seconds. My problem is that it even goes off in the middle of summer when it hasnt rained for two weeks or so. I know that the sump pump is working because i see the water coming out of line about 15 ft from house. Had the city come over to see maybe it was there water. They tested it and said it wasnt. Dont know what my options are and if there is something to do. So one told me that it could be a spring dont know if that is something i can fix.



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      Is there a check valve on the line? If there is it may be time to change it, if not add one. Sounds like the water keeps running back into the sump pit from the line every time the pump stops maybe.

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      check the float.

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