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      Gregg Towsley

      Over the weekend I help repair a bathroom that had a severely water damaged floor. We had to take out all subfloor down to the joists. There was a shower in this area that had a fiberglass or composite showerpan. The shower pan had a 8″ piece of cast iron pipe with a lead/oakum joint connecting to the metal flange/sleave in the shower pan. This cast iron was then connected to a cast iron trap which was connected to PVC piping the rest of the way out. There is about 2 ft total of cast iron between the shower pan and PVC. I have full access to the pipes beneath the shower pan. My question is:

      What is the best way to reconnect the shower pan. I would like to elimiate the cast iron all together, but I’m not sure what can be used to bond/seal to the metal sleave that is in the shower pan. Can i just use a rubber coupler with clamps to clamp to the outside of the shower flange below the pan and then connect then clamp that directly to the a new pvc trap?



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      Fernco coupling. Only thing approved by the international code book to connect metallic to plastic.

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