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      David Guy

      I have a problem with gurgling noise in my downpipe when rain is light and I see that a meseage from Spuuut has a solution which is an insert that goes into the pipe and I would be greatful if I could find out how to obtain this insert?

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      Give me more information. Where is the noise and what downpipe?

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      We have rain water tanks that are gravity fed from downpipes from our guttering. The tanks sit approximatley 1.5 meters at the level of the downpipe so water is sitting 1.5 meters high in downpipe which are PVC. When it rains light the downpipes makes a horrible gurgling sound or large water drop sound that echos through the walls inside the house. The downpipes run under the house and then underground to the water tanks and we have checked the pipes for mud or blockage but there is none. Just wondering what could cause this noise and how we can fix it?

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      sounds as if maybe a line could be backgrading causing air to get trapped inside the drain if no blockage is occuring.

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