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      Robert chris

      How do I remove broken PVC?

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      Retired plbg1

      If it is in a fitting take a small hacksaw and try to cut a strip out about 1″ wide. take a screw diver are aharp chisel an try to cut it out.Then take the screw driver and try to pry the rest out/If it is apiece of pipe then cut piece out of pipe a nd use 2 nohub bans.

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      The question is a tad vague… if you could be more specific, then a more specific answer could be given.

      You can use the above stated method to remove broken PVC inside a fitting. They also make drill bits now specifically designed to remove PVC from inside a fitting, which work really well. I have had success in following the “retired plumber”‘s suggestion after heating up the PVC with a torch, although you have to be really careful and keep the torch moving, or the PVC will start to burn   

      All depends on the specific circumstances of your scenario.


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      Thanks Retired your advice is so useful for me, I’ll realy try it and hope that it’s working to remove my broken PVC?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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