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      I have a Junkers By Bosch inline hotwater heat it’s working fine but it drips waters from a small outlet which looks like it either needs a metal pipe to drain the water or a small screw to be inserted to stop the water dripping, at this time it’s dripping in to a container about 2 liters a day, the model(the lettering is very faded) W250 K1p2352400 11 year is 1984

      Is there something I can do about this?


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      Can you explain a little better from where the water is dripping so I can identify the fault you have there please.

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      The unit has three pipes the middle one is gas there are one pipe each side of the gas pipe which are water pipes the left one has a non return valve on it where that one connects to the unit has a what could be a outlet device on it (where it drips) the right hand water pipe doesn’t have one and from there a pipe goes up to the heater section on both right and left side of the junkers unit.

      I did take a pic which may see hyper link below there are two pics of the where it is dripping and a pic of the Junkers water heater(the url goes to myspace albums/hot water heater)

      Note for temp purpose I put a small plastic hose so it will drip in to a container.

      I hope the above helps.



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      From your desription I think the “Outlet Device” you are referring to is in fact a pressure relief valve fitted to the underneath of the water heater, if this is in fact the source of the water leak then it will be caused by a cold water inlet water pressure set too high and the heater is allowing the surplus pressure to be discharged through this valve. A pressure reducing valve should be fittd to the inlet cold water line to stop the cold water pressure creeping when the heater is not in use. If this fails then the only repair possible is to replace the dripping valve which will eventually get worse and worse until a full flow of hot water will be discharged as it will cause the same effect as a hot water tap being opened.

      Hope this helps

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