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      hi all, i have a hot water heater that is leaking and it is gas. well i was told that i could buy a propane one and i would be able to buy a conversion kit ( to make it natural). well where can i buy one of these kits and do they even make them? my husband and i have just bought our house only one year ago. thanks for all your help

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      Why buy a lp tank and convert to nat.

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      Solar water heaters, may be a good investment for you and your family. This is for small households and can be used with instant hot water heaters. Solar water heaters are cost competitive in many applications when you account for the total energy costs over the life of the system. Although the initial cost of solar water heaters is higher than that of conventional water heaters, the fuel (sunshine) is free. Plus, they are environmentally friendly. To take advantage of these heaters, you must have an unshaded, south-facing location (a roof, for example) on your property.

      Conversion Kits convert your gas or electric hot water heater to solar hot water. They are designed just like our Full System Kits, but do not contain a solar storage tank. You use your existing hot water heater tank as the solar storage tank.

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      If you mean that your current water heater is running on Natural Gas but you can buy an LPG one locally more easily and you want to convert the LPG one to run on Natural Gas then the answer is YES most can be changed over to either gas quite simply and economically. As for where you buy the kits and how do you fit them – well I am sorry but I will not tell you how or where in the interests of safety to both yourselves and your property. If you wish to persue this option then I would strongly suggest you get in touch with an approved Gas Installer and have him undertake the work for you as he will also have to adjust the preset gas pressures.

      I hope this assists you in your endeavour.

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      kenny b

      Most water heaters here in the states are not convertible from LP to nat. gas and vice versa. The manufacture does not allow it. It’s not a simple orfice and spring change. Complete gas valves(left hand thrd), burner tubes(left hand thrd)and burners need to be replaced in addition to new pilot assembly with correct orfice. The overall cost if parts were available would nearly equal a new tank.

      kenny bkenny b2007-12-18 13:17:21

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      From what you have said I can tell you that you folks are being ripped off over there as regardless of how you say it the job is a simple one to do especially if the cylinder is fitted with either a Robertshaw or SIT gas control valves.

      We do this task quite often down here and the component costs along with a bit of know how costs around $150 all up.

      Different Countries different rules – however in saying that I would wager that THIS Country has a lot more stringent regulations and rules than most others I have either been to or worked in and the US of A is one I have worked in.

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      kenny b


      I realized your location that is why I started with “here in the states” and I agree it is b/s. I was simply stating the facts we have to contend with here, thinking it might save someone a headach later on.

      Let me add I enjoy yor posts, they’re well thought, informative and professional.

      kenny b

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