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      I bought a house and after three months I had a blockage in the sewer line. (from the main sewer to the house) I paid a plumber to come and fix? or rememdy the situation, and he used a pressure head thingy that jetted water to clear the blockage. He stayed for about half an hour and charged me 300 bucks. Its been another three months and the blockage is back. I have been told by a freind that that part of the sewer line is owned by the council and they need to repair it.

      I also have brown rusty water. It appears as though the house has been replumbed in copper, but the line to the meter is gal. Should i get ask the council to change it to copper. I pay pro rata for water usage should I be pissed at the colour? is there some sort of minimum standard for water?

      Cheers big earsDUNBAR2007-11-03 12:52:42

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      Retired plbg1

      The gal. pipe is rusting and should be replaced.

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