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      Mark Smith

      Unusual request. We have frequent interruptions to our home water supply. I am tired of carrying water from the swimming pool to flush toilets.

      I am trying to use the water in my water heater by pressurizing it with about 15psi of air and forcing the water out through the cold water supply line (dip tube). I want the water to be available at any faucet or toilet in the house. I am pressurizing via an air compressor through the drain valve on the water heater.

      I do okay until the water in the tank reaches the anti-siphon hole in the dip tube (about 4″ from top of tank)… then air starts leaking into the system.

      Without replacing the dip tube, I am looking for any ideas on how to plug this hole from the inside of the tank and still have the water safe and potable.

      Looking for something like “radiator stop leak”…maybe even little sterofoam balls .

      Any thing I use must be input through the drain valve on the hot water heater.

      Any and all ideas are appreciated.


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      Retired plbg1

      You canted compress water, use a pump to push the water

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