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      We have a old Junkers Water heater – it was working fine till a few days back. But then all of the sudden, the water was not getting heated much at all, and now not at all.

      Initially the gas would still flow as the tap was turned, but not as much as it used to. Now the pilot light is on, but no additional gas flow when tap is opened. I have tried to adjust one of the valves, but no good.

      I understand this problem has been discussed in this forum and the likely solution is to replace the diaphram in the water body valve section and repack and grease the gas valve spindle that it feeds.

      Now my question is that I have been trying to locate a service person who can fix this – unfortunately have not been able to locate one in SYDNEY (contacting Robert Bosch did not help as their service agent in the area does not service old Junkers heater). If anyone know of a service person who can service/fix the old heater in and around Sydney area – please let me know URGENTLY.


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      I am surprised that your Bosch area service person can or will not assist – if you were in NZ we would be happy to help you, perhaps your best bet might be to upgrade the water heater given the age of the objevt you have there. The usual life span of one of these units is 10 years max.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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