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      Out of the blue, at 4 am, several gallons of water suddenly began draining out of my ceiling (for about 30 minutes). After looking, it seems to have come from my hot water heater .. a Rheem standard.

      There is a facet (exposed threaded pipe) coming out of the top, which seems to be source (maybe the culprit?) but I am ignorant about these matters.

      Please advise how I might avoid having this experience in the future. Is this normal for a water heater, or an indication of something i am doing wrong, or product malfunction.. etc????

      (the note on the unit says some drainage is normal and it has a small over flow bin, but this was a LOT of water).

      ps.. anybody know if there’s anything i can do to save the sheet rock?

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      The leak slowed and now it has moved a few few over and is cracking the sheet rock and pouring a continuous stream of water out of the ceiling.

      in the attic (where the water heater is) there is no new drainage just soaked insullation that must be holding more water.

      What can I do other than collect the water and try to save the wood floors from water damage…

      Please Help!!! ASAP

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