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      D . moore


      I need help in trying to solve a very intermittent problem with a old (maybe 25 years) JUNKERS wall mounted water heater.

      The unit has been working for well over 10 years without missing a beat but now, the pilot goes out intermittently so there is no hot water! Sometimes it will stay alight for a week but then goe out. Other times it may go out every night.

      I have replaced the thermocouple, thoroughly cleaned the unit including the pilot orifice, shut all doors to prevent draughts from affecting it and even removed the flue to see if that made any difference but nothing has worked…

      Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem…


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      While you have cleaned out the pilot light and such and replaced the thermocouple – did you check the magnetic saefty valve that the thermocouple screws into for continuity – sometimes the mag valve electrical circuit within it’s coil breaks down and gives intermittent pilot outage problems. Also check the water temperature on the outlet if the thermostat is set too high the burner will shut down on overheat and trip out the pilot when a bath is run or a lot of hot water is drawn off – does not usually happen if a sink tap or faucet is used for short periods. Could even be that the main burners are badly in need of a clean out which would extinguious with a pop and can draw the pilot flame away from the pilot burner. Best suggestion I can give you at this point is to contact a Bosch service agent in your area and ask them to provide a full service ( diaphrams etc ) to overcome your problem properly.

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      Thanks Selgas,

      I appreciate you taking the time to give me some assistance. I will try to see if I can check the continuity of the magnetic coil, and give the main burners a clean and if that doesnt help I will try and get a Bosch service agent to fix it.

      Thanks again.

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