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      I have a shallow dug well (22 feet deep or so) and last year my pressure tank bladder went bad. I replaced it and everything worked fine for 6 months until my pump went bad and I replaced it. Everything works fine now. Someone told me that the bladder on the pressure tank went bad because the well had run dry in the past (there was plenty of water in the well when the bladder went bad and when the pump went bad). This didn’t make sense to me since I would think the bladder would go bad from more use and that a dry well would mean no water for the pump to deliver to the pressure tank and thus no continuous stretching and collapsing of the bladder. Am I missing something in my thinking or is the person that told me this correct?DUNBAR2007-11-03 12:46:02

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      A tank in a non-use situation would only have the ability to last longer only if the tank was completely removed of water which is very hard to do.

      Tanks are designed to not last; no matter what size tank you’ll always notice that they are never heavy in correlation to their size.

      Thin metal that isn’t protected from the aggressive water that slowly eats at the metal and the connection to the membrane that when deteriorated the bladder loses the battle to keep air separate from the water side.

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