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      Ian Clifford Brunt

      Ok i know my drain valve is leaking and from reading other questions i have assumed i can just replace that .. first question how do i drain the hot water heater? its only 48 gallons but in a tight spot in the house…next question is my assumption correct as to replacing the drain valve? help me as soon as possibleDUNBAR2007-09-13 13:35:05

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      You might be able to just remove the handle/packing nut/stem assembly and thoroughly clean the washer and the inside of the valve.

      Most if not all times this is the problem, unless high water pressure is causing this.

      You can replace that valve but you’ll have to drain the entire tank down to do so to keep from getting burned from the water. Make sure the electric/gas is turned off to the unit first.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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