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      Ian King

      Sorry if I sound a bit fed-up, I think we’re in the home stretch though. So. A story. I got a rainwater tank. A big one. My guy (a non-plumber) THEN informs me it’s illegal for rainwater to supply an entire household. I find the Sydney water ammendment which refutes this and show it to him. He’s ‘gobsmacked’ (after denying it’s existance for a while). So we push on. I need a non-return valve at my meter so my nasty tank water doesn’tcontaminate Sydney Water’s supply. I understand that. Now I’m told I have to (not personally) disconnect my main pipe, run it over to the pump (Monza Basix…). My question is why? Why can’t I just turn my pump off and turn my mains on out the front if I ever need to? Why is it considered cross connection if I don’t (ie, connect a pipe out of the pump to my house, leavew the mains pipe as is except turn it off)? I can see how main and tank could potentially mix if I was dumb and had both on at the same time (except the pump probably wouldn’t work) but it would only be within the confines of my own household pipes so what’s the big deal?

      gingersnapper2007-08-16 22:10:58

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      Retired plbg1

      You will mix con tameated water w ith pure water. that is a law all over the states. Disconect the water and run a new line and make sure you dont mix them. I dont advise it but it is up to you.

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