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      Ian Macwilliam

      We’ve recently bought a Junkers gas water heater and am experiencing problems. When operating (normally after a couple minutes of full flame) the flame (and pilot) automatically extinguish. We’ve use a pressure tank on the house and we’ve just had it serviced hoping this would solve the problem but it persists. We’re in a remote village in Guatemala and technicians are few and far between, so any suggestions would be most appreciated. I’ve noticed that Selgas answers loads of these kind of questions but I haven’t be able to find an email address for you.

      DUNBAR2007-08-24 09:50:42

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      Please advise whch model Junkers water heater you have there – if the water heater works fine for a while then all by itself turns off and in doing so takes out the pilot burner as well it sounds very much like the thermostat is not set correctly and the water heater is in fact going out on overheat. Check the gas operating pressure at the main burner to ensure the gas rating is correct – if ok then adjust the water flow and thermostat, remembering that all these units can only raise the temperature of water by 25 degrees C at full water flow. email : selgas@xtra.co.nz Selgas2007-08-16 17:59:08

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      Many thanks for your swift reply. I’ve only got around to checking the website today and now it’s night. I’ll check the water heater in the next couple of days and let you know how I get along. Again, many thanks the info and your email address, very kind.

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      Hey, I would be happy to come on over and fix the unit for ya and would even go so far as to give you my labour costs for nuthin, gotta tell ya tho that the mileage charge would proly kill ya with fright.

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