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      Ian Don

      We just recently moved into an apartment. We are on the ground floor of a three story apartment complex. The toilets have been a problem since day one. As soon as you press the lever to flush a large plum sized bubble comes out of the small hole, along with a few smaller bubbles. The flush itself is rather weak too. Doesn’t always flush everything away. Water pressure throughout the apartment is fairly weak too. If someone is running water in one are of the place then it’s really weak anywhere else.

      We’ve had the apartment maintenance staff look at the toilets several times. They have run short snakes (3-4 foot) down in the bowl and found nothing. They don’t have a clue and have stopped trying. The only way I’m going to get them to fix this is if I am able to tell them exactly what needs to be done. Can anyone tell me please. DUNBAR2007-08-24 10:01:59

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      Being on the ground level might spell some serious problems down the road if there is ever a backup in your building.

      It sounds like water pressure is non-existant along with a slow moving drain.

      Pulling the toilet and running a large snake into that drain will cover basis on the event of removing the clog if one exists.

      You might want to consult with them again and if they don’t consider this….it would be prudent to move if the situation gets out of hand.

      More than likely it was like that before you arrived and worked in this fashion without error/backup.

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      Retired plbg1

      Check your toilet tank and see if water is up to mark. Check toilet rim underneat and see that holes are cleaned out. Take a 5 Gal. bucket of water and dump in bowl ans see if if takes off, iff not then you have a stoppage in bowl are down the line.

      Retired plbg.

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