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      Ian Simmons


      My zone valve has stopped working, I have bought (on good advise) a new synchronous motor and have been told that a straight replacement would solve the problem.

      Has anyone ever changed one of these motors and is it a DIY job.

      I would be glad of any advise


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      Its ok now, I did a google search and downloaded a video tutorial.

      Here is the link if anyone is interested

      It was a simple enough job. You wouldn’t believe what a plumber was going to charge me.

      Everything works fine now and I have hot water YEEEEEESSSSS.


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      I think you might have TWO valves – one to control the water and the other the heating.

      In the H/W only setting, power goes via the tank stat Common/Terminal 1, to the H/W valve on the brown input which then operates it (and I think shoves power out to the boiler on Orange). Grey is I think L and Blue is N.

      With HEATING on, power will go via the room stat to the HEATING valve in exactly the same manner. The (Orange?) outputs to the boiler from the two valves are commoned together.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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