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        My country water supply (Myers equipment)is fed by a submersible pump to a ballast tank. The tank has an internal bladder and a head space which is pressurized by a bicycle tire type valve. The pump clicks on at about 40 psi, and clicks off at 60 psi. Lately, the pump is clicking on/off in rapid succession whenever the water is being used. Someone suggested the tank is waterlogged. Can anyone explain how to fix this problem. I tried to drain the tank as there is a valve at the base, but it doesn’t want to drain as there is no way for air to enter the bladder (draws a vacuum). It is possible that the tank is actually empty of water, explaining why the water will not drain.
        Thanks in advance for your help.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Sounds like a ruptured bladder. Isolate this bladder tank from the system then try to pump up the pressure IF you cant replace the tank.

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          Avatar photodaveroconn

            The only way an expansion tank can drain is for air behind the bladder to push it out. If your tank does not drain completely than it does not have enough air in it to displace the water inside.

            To drain an expansion tank

            First you need to drain the tank as far as it can go by itself. Next using a tire pump inflate the tank only until the water begins to flow out, once you see the water flowing give it only a few more pumps. Do not over pump the tank or you may ruin the bladder. Keep doing this until you are sure all of the air is out of the tank. Now to obtain the propper air pressure this can only be checked with the tank empty. Most well tanks use 27 PSI empty. Now it would be a good time to disinfect the tank with some bleach. Use an empty filter sump housing to introduce about a 1/2 cup of bleach into the tank you will need some valves to do this. Now rinse the tank by filling it and draining it sevrall times.

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