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      Donna Lynn

      I’ve been using the HD/Lowes Fluidmaster kits (fill valve, flapper, etc) and seem to have to replace them every 6 months or so (same with my brother). Do the professionals have a particular brand they use that will last and are of high quality?



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      Do you know what your static water pressure is?

      Everything in plumbing that requires water pressure to operate is engineered for 60 pounds of water pressure. Of course it can operate at lower and higher pressures…but higher pressures cause premature wear and failure.

      I personally use the Fluidmaster 400A’s without any problems. I go through a case every 2 months.

      Check your water pressure or if on a private water system there might be buildup or calcium deposits that are causing them to fail.

      Let us know what your pressure is.

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