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      Welcome to the new Help & Discussion Forums.

      As you may have been aware the forums were offline for a few days while we performed the upgrade. But now we’re back and better than ever!

      All the topics from our old forum software have been imported into the new forums, so you can continue your discussions as you were before the upgrade.

      The major change, apart from the software itself, is that the forum registration is now incorporated into the Membership system. That means if you have a free Membership, you can login using the “Login” link at the top of every page on our site and you will have access to the forums as well without the need to login again or provide a password each time you post.

      Everyone who was previously registered for the forums, but did not have a free Membership account is now registered for the entire website as well. You also can login using the main membership system as well.

      If you experience any trouble with the new forum system or are unable to access areas of the forums where you previously had access, please contact us for helpAdmin2007-06-29 10:20:59

Viewing 0 reply threads
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