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      A single handle shower was recently used, after not being used for quite some time. When finished, it was turned off; however, the water continued to come out of the shower head. We took the handle apart and located a broken o-ring. The o-ring has been replaced and the shower works fine now. However, I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and cannot get the thought out of my head that the water is now coming out behind the shower wall (it’s one of those single-piece fiber-glass[?] showers) where I cannot see (or hear) it. Can this happen? The house is eight years old. Can someone put my mind at ease? Is there, perhaps, another shower pan, or some other type of catch all, in case a pipe is dripping or breaks behind a shower? Help! I don’t want to spend $100 on a plumber, just so he can tell me we fixed it right. I hope all this makes sense.
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      normaly if your water is running you will hear it in a quiet house.if you are still concerned you couldn make sure all your water is shut off (faucets etc.) and check your water meter for movement. your local water company will help if your meter is not in a place easy for you to get to.

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