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      I am currently a Class II Master Plumber Unrestricted in Georgia. I am relocating back home to Ky. this year to open up a new Service Company. I have already ordered their Code Book and test application. Is there any type of study test that is available for this? They use a completely different Code Book in Ky. than we use in Ga. We use the International Code.

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      When you take your Ky Master’s they issue 6 different tests. Each time you fail, you are given a different test.

      That means 6 different written exams, 6 different drawings. The drawings are commercial plumbing schematics. Size to minimum on drain and vent.

      I got nailed on a question that you will not find in the code book:

      When is the only time you do not have to provide a pressure-balanced tub/shower valve? (Code in Ky)

      The answer?

      Hand held spray assemblies; the user can turn the water away from them if it is too hot/cold.

      The questions on the test do not all evenly divide on the test either. One question may count as 15, another, 3.

      The written and drawing are graded separate. Pass one and not the other, you’ll have to test out again. That is when they do the whole changeup. Makes you learn inside and outside of that codebook.

      Not all of the answers are in the book. I do mostly residential service and I’ve never had to use the knowledge related to commercial, other than simple schematics that follow residential for the most part.

      I got out of new construction a long time ago. Easier ways to make money and I touch less product/make more money.


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