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      Hello plumbers of America!
      I am a 30 year old time served plumber and soon to be qualified gas fitter from the UK who will be relocating with my partner to San Francisco in july/sept this year. She has a minimum of 2 years contract and if we both like it over there would probably look to settle in your fine country for some time. I have been plumbing for nearly 5 years and have nearly finished my training which has taken over 4 years, I will then be trained to NVQ 3 standard which in the UK means I’ll be a qualified heating and gas engineer with relavant gas fitting tickets, which is recognised in the uk as a Corgi badge holder and deems you competent to deal with gas – now esential in the UK for undertaking any gas works.
      If any fellow tradesmen could offer any help or suggestions for what I will need to gain employment in the states (my green card is being sorted by my partners firm) what relavent/equivalent qualifications and tickets I may need to gain, employment prospects/opportunities, any companies I could send c.v.’s to and ideas how much I may earn
      as a plumber in the USA – infact any lowdown at all would be greatly appreciated!
      Many thanks,
      Jonathan Brindley

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      Go to local Plumbers Union Hall and ask there. Let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      I have a good friend that was a plumber over in England and he told me plumbing is very differn’t here in the states compared to England.

      There are a few other plumbing sites you should look at: Plumbing Help Forum, also do a Goggle seach for Plumbing Isometric Drawings and compare this work to what you are doing.

      Last, consider taking a job as a pipefitter the pay is the same or even more the work compares better to the work you are doing now, pipefitting could be more lucrative for you then doing plumbing.

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      Thanks for the feedback guys, have sent an email to plumbers union in San Fran and am awaiting a response so will update you on progress. Will research pipe fitting option too – is it best to contact appropriate union for that too? In UK unions are generally a thing of the past but does all construction operate under unions in USA? Also what training/requirements are needed to be a gas engineer/fitter as would be willing to re-train if need be, think could be settiling over there for a while and its the trade I know and enjoy, i hear you have gas operating at much higher pressures to Uk – domestic supply over here is 21mb. Any feedback would be great!

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      Try those other web sites I know there are some plumbers from California that could help you better then I can.

      I think ones nick name is redwood and he could give you information concerning the plumbing poltics and union affiliations in San Fran if you ask him.

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