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    Please give your thaughts on the following scenario.

    1. Residential unit development.
    2. Subsoil or sub Mulch micro spray irrigation.
    3. controlled by computer opperated solenoid valves.
    4. Council footpath area 4m wide w/pop ups at
    footpath edge spraying towards boundary, controlled
    by computer opperated sollenoid valves.

    What type System??
    What type protection???

    Regards Bob

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    I am thinking a pressure vacume breaker would be sufficient…

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    I ewould say a RPBP should be used are a good Vac Breaker.

    Art retired plbg

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    Sub-soil micro spray irrigation?

    COMPUTER operated solenoids?

    Good grief.

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    Yeah, my thaughts exactly, I reccomended a RPZD.

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    I would use a pressure vacuum breaker or RPZ valve


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    Only an RPZ valve for full protction, pressure vacuum breaker would not meet the requirements if you have elevation differences.

    We always question the Degree of Danger, what would determine the best backflow protection method.

    We had a job like yours where we used a air gap over a water tank with a pump that supplied the water needs of a nursey and then they mixed all the chemicals they wanted to with no problem with backflow or yearly backflow maintence.

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