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    I have a guy retiring after 42 years and I will be presenting him with a saddle tooled with some sentimental markings. I had the idea to also include a gun scapboard and am looking for the best way to finish the following sentence. OLD PLUMBERS NEVER DIE THEY JUST ????. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Vent away

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    Old Plumber’s never die, they just drop there fittings!

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    Old Plumbers Never Die……….They Just Go With The Flow

    Never forget that one, my dad used to have that hanging up.

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    Oh heck guess I should not say this one but geez I am amoungst friends here and a smile never hurt anyone so here goes : Old Plumbers never die – they just waste away!!!! tiss a sign I have in my workshop and I thought I would share it with you is all.

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    Old Plumbers never die , they just smell that way

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    Old Plumbers never die – they just go down the drain.

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