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      I have often wondered were others are now.


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      I am still here. I am trying to get part time job with HD & Lowes in Plbg. dept. but I did not pass there entry test dont know why thought i give right answers.

      Art retired plbg

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      Art you are to good of plumber for them and know more then they do there afraid they can’t tell you what todo even if it is wrong.

      I have seen this to many times they want power over you not your expertise.

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      LOL I agree with the last post. Out of all the 2 Lowe’s here and the Home Depot, ther’s just ONE guy who actually knows what he’s talking about, a retired plumber too, in one of the Lowe’s, and without going into details, they treat him like crap. One would think they’d be bending over backwards to keep and make happy such a knowledgeable person, but nope. I think one of the unstated job requirements for these places is you have to be semi-retarded. I’ve also seen them treat other great employees badly as well, and what they’re left with usually are grumpy, uneducated people with bad attitudes who don’t know the difference between one fitting from another. It’s quite frustrating, and I can’t count HOW many times I have stormed out of BOTH those places in sheer irritation at not being able to find the part I need or dealing with morons or both. Many times, I just opt to pay more for the same part at the local plumb supply houses, they’re expensive but at least the part is always there and I’m dealing with someone who has half a brain and knows what I’m talking about.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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