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      What are the concerns for a low pressure pipe 5# process water system. 300+ feet long. Small pipe size, High diversity (expected load never to meet total capacity of outlets.) 3-3.5 lbs guestamate friction loss.

      Any help or place to look for info would be nice.


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      My book says That friction of water in pipes is approximately equal to the square of the velocity at which it is flowing. The greater of the velocity the greater the friction will be. Do you understand that?

      Art retired plbg

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      I do understand that. I am looking for a list, chart from some kind of study or testing that would explain the problems with the extra lip formed when cutting the pipe with a tube cutter.

      I know and have been on jobs where the fitting has been mad with the drill and pull method. There are problems that occur when the pipe inserted into the pulled fitting is extended to far. It will cause eddy’s that will wear the pipe out, pinholes will develop and create problem with in as little as six months.

      I can show them samples of the problems that occur with the pulled pipe. If they are using 2” piping then the lip created is less of a percentage then a lip made on a ½” pipe.


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