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      My name is Casey Kriley and I’m working on a new television show called “Faking It” which will air on The Learning Channel and Channel 4 in Britain. FAKING IT takes a person from one profession or walk of life and in three weeks transforms them into a completely different profession or walk of life. The person must then fake out a panel of judges from their new field. We are currently looking to do a segment on an 21-40 yr. old person who works on homes, in any aspect. Over a period of three weeks, the person trains and transforms into a completely different profession. The segment would produce a 60 minute show that would follow his transformation. If you or anyone you know are interested, please contact me. Thanks and have a great day!
      Casey Kriley
      RDF Media

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      hmmm…What did you have in mind. Plumber to french maid? If they had to go in drag it would add a bit of challenge.Then you get12unsuspecting dudes to date him on “who, wants to snag a nympho french maid”.Throw in a years supply of K.D. and you have a show for everyone.

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