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        I have recently started a plumbing business in the country WA, Im charging $70 per hour, Is this about right. I am covering all my cost plus some, the other local plumbers are anywhere from 65-95, but dont turn up or they do 3 months later. I have been going for 6 moths and have had to take on another plumber and taken on an apprentice. How are apprentices usually charged out and at what rate, he is only first year but is 20 and can play the banjo (shovel) as good as any labourer. What is the best way to charge him out?

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        Avatar photobpines

          The $70/hr is good if you are making money at that price (only you know). It appears that you have plenty of business. As for your apprentice I would figure the same percentage that you have for your Journeymen.
          It looks lie you have the right formula. The most important thing to remember is the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. When you make an appointment be sure to keep it or if you can’t make a call. It will keep your customer a lot happier if you call them rather than them having to call you. I have been doing it for 47 years and it hasn’t failed yet. Good luck and keep up the good work.


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          Avatar photonifty

            WA is booming but here in country Vic. I’m charging $50/hour and thinking of going to $60/hour on July 1st.
            because of the shortage of tradesmen…

            I’m curious as to what guys charge for going out to maintenance jobs on the weekend – blocked drains and the like?
            I’m charging $115 for the first hour using Rigid 1500B Monday to Friday. What about getting called out at night?

            I live in the bush between two small towns ~ population maybe > 10,000 people so I’m competing with these fellows but I’m inclined to charge $1 per kilometre each way once I’m 10 minutes out of either town. How’s that sound?

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            Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

              It sounds as if you do not know your costs of doing business in the state of Washington.

              Every company is different, here in Southern California we have 1.) labor (the cost we pay our plumber + a 44% labor burden to cover taxes, benefits) so a 50.00 plumber is actually 94.00 expense to the company.

              2.) material ( the cost to us of material + a mark up)

              3.)overhead ( currently running at 55% of thr gross sale) and profit ( always double digit currently at 15%). If you forget any of these stay home today.

              It sounds as if you miss a couple of these on every job if you are using a number like 60.00.

              If we use one hour without any material ( as a sewer job rodding may be) Our charges have to be a minimum of 94.00 + overhead markup of 52.00 + profit 15% of total sale= 146.00 + 21.00= 167.00 an hour.

              Hey dont take my word for it get your self a program to see for your self. Look up numbers crunchers or Ellen Rohr and start making money.


              The Local Plumber

              Tustin, California


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              Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

                I misunderstood the post to be from Wsahington, actually Austalia. Same rules should apply.


                The Local Plumber


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