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        steam oil furnace, I’d like to isolate labor man days from the furnace so I can see if a proposal is in the ballpark

        Is there any way to find out how much contractors would approximately have to pay to buy the complete furnace with the burner, controls and a 50 gal coil/booster tank?

        If I knew this, I could allow for markup, add labor at 300/man day & see if the estimate I get is anywhere in the right range.

        Regards, Ron

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          If I were you ,I would get a couple more proposals.Then compare them.

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          Avatar photoAKPlumber

            Typical job like that here would involve at the least 8 to 12 hours for both a journeyman and apprentice (labor) providing they know what they’re doing, and the boiler itself should run in the 1500 to 2000$ (USD) range (possibly less if sold wholesale or with contractor discount though you’re not likely to get that unless you ARE a contractor or know one who will purchase for you, plus cost of Amtrol (or similar) tank as you describe. Then you figure in your materials, parts, shop supplies and mark-up on same.

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              Ok, thanks. I went to a plumbing supply house that plumbers frequent & got a price of 3800 for the 6 section Weil McClain (including 50 gal booster). I suppose that’s retail to me & a plumber would get it cheaper. My oil burner company quoted me 8500 to install with me doing the work of making an opening for a “vent in a can” which is something new the code requires.

              So it seems that leaves 3700 for labor for 8 hours of a plumber & apprentice, which seems a little high. If I were to do the job, I’d get somemore estimates.

              However, I don’t think I need a new furnace. After having my oil company tell me the dripping water meant I needed a new furnace as the seals were shot, I unscrewed the 2 screws in the back & opened up the side panels to get a better look at the source of the leak. I found the top outer threaded rod holding the sections together had rusted out & was hanging in 2 pieces. I went to the hardware store, got a new rod, cut it to length, and now the leak has stopped, at least for the past 2 months.

              Thanks again, Ron

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