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    If the plumber that I hired to put a drain in a new bathtub, scratched the new tub and also put a hole in the pipe under the drain, what should I do? Do I have any recourse? He will not even come back out to fix the problems.
    I live in Spring, Tx.
    Please use “Damage done by a plumber” in the subject line so that I will open the email. Thank you.

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    Damage done by Plumber. If he is working on fix. are pipe and does damage he should fix it, but uauallythey include this as fixing the problem, like the hole in pipe but the tub scrach is careless working. That can be avoided with some kind of work protection, call the city hall plumbing dept. and report him, was he a Lic. Plbg. are just a handyman.

    Art retired plbg

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