Dose a pro plumber charge when he cant get the drain cleaned?

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      Avatar photoWilliam Marchisello

        I went into a cockroach infested basement last week and busted my ass for 3 hours on this floor drain that went out over the hill somewhere and i did not get it open…i think it went to a old drywell and the ground was too wet for it to take any water at this time. I done my best but could not get the thing. I did not charge the woman. I know it was not my fault i did not get it cleaned…but what should i do in the future when this shit happens again?

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Mr Maser plummer
          I , only yester day was called to clear a blocked drain in a outside Overflow Releif Gully at a local shopping centre that I was unsuccessfull in winning the Upgrade contract with a Brisbane Builder (I have carried out the maintenance at this Sopping Centre for 20 years).
          My Son Plunged the gully & the blockage was partialy relieved, so he then attempted to insert the Rdgid Sewer machine. The cable with every head that we possess was unnable to go past the bottom of the Gully. Now this ORG was during the Upgrade damaged in an attempt by the Builder to pour some concrete around the Gully. The builder engaged his labourers to pour the concrete & because the gully was in their road they simply broke the riser off at ground level & stuffed rags down the riser then proceeded to pour their concrete, subsequently about 3 weeks after handover the gully started to overflow from between the concrete & the old pavement. .
          We had to work on a Sunday to releive the blockage & do the necessary repairs at a cost of several thousand dollars.
          tomorrow we have to dig up the gully & find out Photograph & repair the problem.
          Of course you charge, however you must complete the contract!
          You should excavate to expose a section of the drain then clear that section, then continue to do this or give the client a estimate of the costs to reinstate the drainage to a working & approved state. But you charge for your work if you have done it in a professional manner.

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          Avatar photorobertgf

            good answer, “complete the contract” i like the way that sounds, i’ll use it in the future wiyh people that are only interested in doing a job “halfway”

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            Avatar photomasterplumber_bpd

              thank you for the reply. I guess i forgot to add a detail or 2. This woman had leaks all over her basement and did not even want to fix them because she did not have the money to put out. I told her $100 to clean the floor drain. The house sewer went out high through the wall and the floor drain was not connected to a sump pit or anything. I guess it went out over the hill to a drywell. Well thanks again dude.

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              Avatar photobungie

                Thats part of the trick, dont limit your quote/estimate. I charge $125 + GST for the first two hours to attend a blocked drain (Note i didnt say to clear it) then $65 + GST every hr after that


                All advice is given with-out seeing the job, and hence all advice MUST be taken as advice with limited knowledge on the exact situation. NO responsibility can or will be taken. And yes, I am a licensed Plumber and Drainer with my own business in Brisbane Australia.
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                Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

                  Hey Bungie, I charge that for the first hr to cover the machine.
                  What was the name of that explosion?

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                  Avatar photobungie

                    adiabatic compression

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