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      I have 5 cast iron radiators that I just took out of service. Rather than bring to the dump is there someone or someplace that buys these at a very reasonable price,i.e $300 for all of them. When you need one they are as good as gold, otherwise, they are boat anchors.

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      August 01 00

      Do you still have 5 cast iron rads?
      I need about 15 for this building i
      just bought…

      I live in canada and will travel within reason or look for alternative solution.

      Hard to find these rads in canada, so far no luck.
      Wish i lived next to your dump. smiles thank you

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      Looking for 5 or 6 knee-hi hot water radiators to replace ones in a home that are cracked. Living in the 62920 zip code—if yo know of any in our 618 area code please call Debra at 893-4393. Please do not e-mail me–it is for my friend Debra in Illinois. Thank you!

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      I am looking for CI Rad’s. Are they still available? Where are you located?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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