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      I was recently charged $200 including GST for one hour ten minutes work with an eel for a straightforward rodding job. Costs consisted of $40 call out, (on a weekday) $102 for one hour 10 minutes from arriving on the job until presenting the bill and $40 for the eel – all plus GST. This seems over the odds boys even if you do have a Ph Drainage

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      Wow you got away CHEAP, Who was the clown who under charged you?

      Dang ILL sub contract all my drain cleaning to him/her.

      Now hear this mate MY large water Jetter cost over $17,000 and I never EVER would charge less then $325 per half HR of its use.

      My COLOR Video inspection system and locator cost in excess of $9,000 AGAIN I charge slightly over $500 PER HR for this equipment.

      My electric Eel with all the goodies needed to do a complete job also cost in excess of $4,300

      My van to tote this equipment around cost $32,000

      Someone HAS TO PAY FOR THIS State of the art equipment.

      My lowest salary out in the field employee gets over $30 per HR in the envelope NOT including benefits.

      My insurance cost me out of pocket $800 + per WEEK.

      My office space cost me $2,200 per MONTH.

      My office staff of one $1,500 per 40 HR work week NOT including benefits

      You think this doesnt add up?


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